Travel Paso Robles Alliance

The Travel Paso Robles Alliance (Travel Paso) was formed in 2013 to brand, market and promote the City of Paso Robles as an authentic destination of choice on a regional, national and global level to targeted leisure, family, business and group travelers resulting in more frequent visitation, longer stays and increased revenue.

Big Red Marketing provides destination management support to Travel Paso to maximize the impact of tourism marketing within the City of Paso Robles.

Big Red Marketing’s roles for Travel Paso include:

  • Destination management role to develop and implement strategies to increase occupancy consistent with annual goals and objectives
  • Liaison role between boards, hired marketing resources, and the community
  • Attend trade shows and media events to build awareness of Paso Robles as a choice travel destination
  • Administrative support to execute plans and attain goals
    • Board relations and management of board and committee meetings
    • Policy and procedure creation
    • Budget maintenance
    • Development of communication tools

Sample Work:
Trade Shows and Consumer Events